Thursday, October 28, 2010

Syobon Action 2 fixed - English, Polish, Japanese versions

Fixed Sound! Fixed 3-1 Level! TRANSLATED!!!

Also known as Cat Mario, is an evil clone of Mario game. The game has EXTREME HARD difficulty. Remember, DO NOT break Your keyboard ;)

This time I would like to introduce a new version of Syobon Action 2 translation. I changed few things in English language version, added Polish and original Japanese version (both, bugged and fixed). There is still a small bug I would like to fix - 1-3 level has blank 1st hint, I'm not yet sure where the problem lies.
This translation version is flagged as v1.01.

Download it here
* All files were checked with Microsoft Security Essentials.
** Windows may not extract this ZIP archive. In such case please use 7-zip, WinRAR, Total Commander or others - the archive is fine (they report no errors) but it's been heavily optimized with various tools and windows built-in extractor might be somewhat incompatible with such ZIPs.

Syobon Action 2 EN.exe - This file is english language version.
Syonon Action 2 PL.exe - Ten plik jest w polskiej wersji językowej.
Syobon Action 2.exe - このファイルは日本語のバージョンです。
Syobon Action 2 (original japanese and bugged).exe - このファイルは日本語のバージョンです。 バグは居るよ。

Please note, according to readme I translated, You must be at least 12 years old(!) to play this game.

How to play Syobon?

Project was inspired by sound and 3-1 level bug, videos showing modified graphic interface on lvl 3-1 and 15 videos showing somebody playing Syobon but not completing it. One of them mentioning that he doesn't understand anything what this game says.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Internet Radio in surround.

RECOMMENDED FOR 5.1 or 7.1 speakers set!

First you would need to have 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. I recommend old good Creative Gigaworks S750 that are still working for me ;)

Next step is to download and install Media Player Classic with AC3 filter OR Winamp with AndrewLabs ATSurround Processor (it's payware but there is older, free version on the internet).

Now you navigate to Shoutcast and find yourself an internet radiostation You want to listen to.

-> If you have winamp installed then it will open itself automatically when you click listen button. After it opens, click right mouse button on its interface and select properties, navigate to Plugins--Output and select AndrewLabs ATSurround Processor. Close settings and press stop and play buttons.

-> If you have MPC Home Cinema and AC3filter installed (better choice in my opionion). Copy radio url from winamp or by using notepad on .pls file downloaded from shoutcast. You may want to try playing pls file in MPC, if it doesn't fail.
In MPC, go to View->Options menu. Now select Internal Filters---Audio Switcher and UNCHECK Enable built-in audio switcher filter. Restart playing sound.

You shuold notice AC3filter icon appearing in taskbar. Double click it. In Main tab there are Output format settings. Select 3/2+SW 5.1 channels from list. Restart playing in MPC.

Vua la! You have now surround sound from your stereo MP3 or internet radio (MAY not work with AACp radio streams - some additional steps may be required).

MPC+AC3filter is better choice in my opinion, because it lets you manually edit Mixing matrix, Bass redirection (I'm using 90 cutoff frequency that works GREAT on my S750). You can as well redirect sound to your Digital output. Shoutcast through digital surround speakers! Hell yeah!

If you have any questions about setting it up, please comment them under this post.


Friday, October 22, 2010

English Syobon Action 2 with sound and 3-1 level (9th)

English Syobon Action 2 with sound
Free game download:

I'm currently working on version 1.01 of translation that will fix credits, additional file requirement (sorry for that) and polish the translation. Also I will include fixed japanese version for people that want to play it in original language with fixed sound and 9th level. STAY TUNED!.

Yes! Let another persion die OVER9000 times, and in english this time! Syobon Action 2 compiled by me, Mr_KrzYch00. This built is english translated (still may have a lot of translation bugs, I'm still not that pro with Japanese), has sound fix and 9th (3-1) level graphic fix.

The gameplay is exactly the same. You just keep dying a lot ;D
I did my best to translate as much as I can. I used google translate,, yahoo's Babelfish and NJStar Japanese Word Pad to translate or kana/kata-nize kanji for me to understand meaning of sentence. I translated main.cpp comments too. I fixed sound by replacing WAV extension with MP3 extension in sourcecode. I fixed graphic in 9th (3-1) level by replacing 5th graphic set with standard 1st one (as in 1st level), because 5th one is not yet added. I also added a small mod here - special music in 9th (3-1) level!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Syobon Action 2 English with sound and 3-1 (9th) level fix

Everyone played Mario at least once, right? Wondering what Syobon Action is? It's a cat-mario game that really can piss anybody off. The 1st version is not that hard to pass, a lot of people did it already... (as shown on youtube)

Yesterday I found somebody playing Syobon Action... 2... YES!. LOL 2nd version that is really HARD. The link to the movie on youtube: You may notice him getting pissed a lot ;D

Anyway, I downloaded the game, run it and was like WOW no sound... that sucks. So I viewed Syobon Action 2.exe in Total Commander's lister and found out that there are... wavs... Yes, every sound resource file has WAV instead of mp3 there. So simply how to make audio working is to change every file in BGM and SE directories to wav or just download my modified EXE below - reads MP3 files, is in 60% translated to English and has level 3-1 (9th) fix! (virus-free: scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials).

This is only EXE file. To run the game you need to download original game from the link posted on Youtube: Syobon Action 2 (Part 1) -With Commentary- then replace extracted exe with the one posted in ZIP file above.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Faster Firefox? More portable? Pigfoot builds.

For some time now (maybe a year or less) I'm using Pigfoot Firefox builds. I believe that they are a lot faster than official builds. I did notice Speed Increase on my Asus Eee 901 netbook. I didn't run any special tests but I'm sure it loads and responds faster causing less lag on low-end devices. It's recommended for old computers (he prepares P1 and P2 builds too) as well as for any new computer that You want to view webpages even faster. I also recommend his Portable Firefox versions that can be easly run from pendrive, SD card etc.

Here's a bit optimised portable edition of Pigfoot's Firefox:

You may try to request anything by commenting on his builds. He may actually implement it in next build.

Original PIGfoot's blog

Extreme blog

I have a workmate that writes a blog. He sometimes does use vulgar language. It has its meaning though. He does it to describe life. Yes, you heard it right! He just tries to answer the very intriguing question 'what's life about?' by describing his very own experience on various situations. Sometimes he tries to understand why people around him are so f--- hating (he calls them haters or 'hejters' - as it's written in Polish) him. Sometimes He gives a lot of very useful advices that You may follow. Remember, do it with a distance, because nobody said things will get better, sometimes You may loose more and gain a little or nothing. ;)

Of course he doesn't give a damn about what people are saying. He said that 'when people are going to insult me on GG I'm just ignoring them...', he also said that there are people that really like his blog. He sometimes looks at life from very negative perspective. Tells various stories about his friends that were very unlucky and something happened to them.

Anyway feel free to visit his blog and comment on it.

http://****** (censored because he was QQing about it ;)
as you can see there is still a part of communism left in Poland, censorship ftw ;D

*Warning: blog is in Polish language. You may want to use some translation tool to view it in your native language but You may have hard time understanding it, because He sometimes uses words that may be left untranslated.

**Warning: I'm not sure if he allows english comments. You have been warned!

Unfortunatelly due to a lot of QQing of the blog's author I censored the link. Maybe someday he will grow up enough to let me repost it with the address. Sorry, I must respect this choice of his.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

GaduAir speeds

Today I tested GaduAir speeds at my school. The location is Slowackiego, Poznan. The results were: 4,75mbps download and 1,25mbps upload speed without external antenna attached (who would take it to school ;P). Everyone probably knows that GaduAir uses Polkomtel (Plus) to sell their services (they pay Plus for lending them their mobile phone infrastructure). Such providers are also knows as virtual providers. They may have good offers but sometimes they may be less prioritized than the provider the mobile phone antennas belong to. I didn't notice much problems with GaduAir though. Mentioned before speeds are satisfiying, that said, they are for sure better than Play.

Currently the best Internet offers for this provider in Poland are:
- 300MB for 11PLN (~$3,80)
- 2GB for 33PLN (~$11,40)
* to be used in 30 days after purchasing

It's a bit more expensive but speeds are far better (especially when used with external antenna) and accessiblity to the network is wider.

If you live in Poland or you have someone that You would like to give a small gift to, You may want to buy it.

Poznan International Fair - Real estate fair

Today is the last day of fair. It's all about selling houses, plats and property. The cost for a ticket is 10PLN and just for such a low price You can negotiate good deals to buy a property and build your own house in Poznan or get ready to live in, house. The fair will end at 5pm.

For people that are subscribed on polish PTR sites should already be familiar with this site because there is a mail to click for 0.02PLN/day. The example is

Today is also the last day to get No-IP discount by using coupon code every member of the service got mail with.

Friday, October 15, 2010

No-IP Special just offered their customers special gift of lowered by 80% (Eighty Percent!) price for No-IP Enhanced (and Plus) service. That means You pay only $1.95 for 1 year instead of $9.95. That's nice!

I decided to buy and test it and I'm happy to announce that my blog address is now also (shortest possible redirect ;) for a year.

This offer lasts only 2 days and 13 hours more from the time of this post. In order to pay less You need to enter special coupon code on checkout. All Members of No-IP got e-mail with their coupon code.

Join NOW!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unlocking Ralink's SoftAP additional functionality

Unblock Ralink's SoftAP additional functionality!
Tested on Asus Eee 901.


Why Ralink made those options hidden? Maybe original Chinese version had them visible...? Who knows...

- Original Ralink Wireless Drivers (no Asus ones! Recomended March 2010 ones)
- SoftAP (ApUI.exe) v3.0.6.0 [03-03-2010] !WON'T WORK ON v4 or above!
- Total Commander
- PROC 2.0 plugin for total commander

To unblock FULLY, I repeat, FULLY functional (may vary on some Ralink cards) hidden options You would need to download and install Total Commander from

Now download PROC 2.0 from the link above and install it by opening ZIP file in Total Commander (for example when downloaded to D:, navigate there with TC and press enter on this file), it will ask You to install plugin. Press OK few times and select '\ Network Neighborhood' from Total Commander's drive combobox:

Select Task Manager and press enter or double mouse click on ApUI.exe (make sure it's running, visible and Config tab is selected!). Now in the window you opened navigate to Ralink Wireless Utility->Config->11N mode. On the right side of selected item check Visible:

Now there should be 11N mode in bottom left corner of Ralink Wireless Utility window:


and check it.
Vua la!

If You are not satisfied with the results you can browse through all list in Ralink Wireless Utility->Config tree and do enabling&visibling everything there! Have fun selecting 14 channel outside Japan (that actually works but You need to have WiFi adapter that supports it like Atheros in UL20a Asus Notebook). ;)

Please note that Channel 14 IS ONLY ALLOWED in Japan in 802.11b standard. It may interfere with your/someones wireless devices in other countries!

Changes will be lost when you close Wireless Utility window!