Thursday, October 28, 2010

Syobon Action 2 fixed - English, Polish, Japanese versions

Fixed Sound! Fixed 3-1 Level! TRANSLATED!!!

Also known as Cat Mario, is an evil clone of Mario game. The game has EXTREME HARD difficulty. Remember, DO NOT break Your keyboard ;)

This time I would like to introduce a new version of Syobon Action 2 translation. I changed few things in English language version, added Polish and original Japanese version (both, bugged and fixed). There is still a small bug I would like to fix - 1-3 level has blank 1st hint, I'm not yet sure where the problem lies.
This translation version is flagged as v1.01.

Download it here
* All files were checked with Microsoft Security Essentials.
** Windows may not extract this ZIP archive. In such case please use 7-zip, WinRAR, Total Commander or others - the archive is fine (they report no errors) but it's been heavily optimized with various tools and windows built-in extractor might be somewhat incompatible with such ZIPs.

Syobon Action 2 EN.exe - This file is english language version.
Syonon Action 2 PL.exe - Ten plik jest w polskiej wersji językowej.
Syobon Action 2.exe - このファイルは日本語のバージョンです。
Syobon Action 2 (original japanese and bugged).exe - このファイルは日本語のバージョンです。 バグは居るよ。

Please note, according to readme I translated, You must be at least 12 years old(!) to play this game.

How to play Syobon?

Project was inspired by sound and 3-1 level bug, videos showing modified graphic interface on lvl 3-1 and 15 videos showing somebody playing Syobon but not completing it. One of them mentioning that he doesn't understand anything what this game says.


Justin De Lucia said...

Hey there. Say... if you don't mind me asking...
I'm trying to modify the BGM, graphics, and sounds of this fixed version of Syobon Action, but when I do, the fixed versions (your translated versions) don't work. Even when I change the compatibly to Windows XP, none of the visuals or sounds/music appear.

Mr_KrzYch00 said...

Are You replacing graphic in directories or editing sourcecode to point to new file names?

When doing first:
Make sure you save them in similar format. For example when You open brock.png IrfanView shows that it's 8bpp meaning 256 colors. I didn't edit any graphic so I'm not sure if it needs original window colors. Maybe they can be reduced by applying pallette?
There may be similar requirement for BGM and sound. When doing BGM make sure it's 128kbps and stereo MP3 (not WAV!). For sounds try MP3 mono and 24kbps (I think this one doesn't matter here, for BGM maybe too but keep them in mono).

Remember that original/bugged one doesn't play sound because it reads .WAV extensions instead of MP3. So when you put the same file name with WAV extension, only bugged one will read it and vice versa.

Justin De Lucia said...

Actually, I made a stunning discovery.

Turns out the reason why 3-1 in the initial version was invisible was because the graphics, which are normally placed on the bottom of the "brock.png" file, are non-existent. So after copying and moving the "plains" sprites to a new fourth row placed at the bottom of the same sheet underneath the castle tiles, the original "buggy" version began reading it, and it appeared in-game.

Judging by the Macintosh version, the tiles are all colored cream, with the spikes a bright sky blue.
Also, the ground is supposed to be slippery in 3-1, and have the same BGM as all of the other "field" areas.

And since I'm also in the process of doing my hack/mod, I was thinking of maybe changing things bit so all the levels could be done back-to-back, each accompanied by different music for each pair of stages (one for stages 1 through 3 over-world, stage 2 underground and 3 deathtrap, 4 castle, 5 though 7 overworld, 6 underground, 8 castle, 8 "final", and one last theme used only for the ninth stage).

Mr_KrzYch00 said...

That's nice discovery.
Good to hear You have enough time and motivation to play with sourcecode. I hope You will show Your results soon ;)

My main goal was to fix bgm, sound, level 9 sprites (by, if I recall it correctly, replacing 5th graphic set with 1st) and translate it to English and Polish (using google translate and NJStar most of the time and some, but very little knowledge when reading). 9th level music was changed on purpouse - I got inspired by some person playing it with different graphic and Cheetahman remix on Youtube.

There is also one infoBlock (I don't remember which level it was) that doesn't show anything. I tried to fix it but couldn't figure how, back when I was working on it.

Note that I'm not the original author of this game. I don't see any license included in the game (correct me if I'm wrong) so I think Your upcoming changes are ok as long as You don't delete original credits - no one likes when someone steals their ideas/work, change it and then announce himself/herself as original creator.

Mr_KrzYch00 said...

Oh yeah there is that Readme file I couldn't fully translate (last lines but they are not that important).

There is: "Please contact Chiku incase of distribution to a large number of people." there is no word about changing sourcecode ;)

Justin De Lucia said...

I am not planning on deleting the original credits. I just want to know how I can adjust the source code of Syobon Action 2 (bugged) to play different BGM for the first four and ninth levels, with the file titles of the first version (titerman, etc.)

Mr_KrzYch00 said...

Woah, difficult question. I don't remember much about editing it mainly because I'm doing various things in my life and I have bad memory ;D

You need Visual C++ express edition (or anything above) that's for sure. I recomend looking up english sourcecode to more or less find out what sourcecode in each place means (as much as I could translate comments - that was easiest thing to translate anyway).

When I look at sourcecode I think I remember that you first need to load MP3 file into a variable in loadg.cpp. Then use a command to play this variable in main.cpp like bgmchange(oto[108]);. Yes, that would be it.

Anonymous said...

the link is dead. :'(
do you mind reuploading it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the link is dead.
Re-upload Please

Mr_KrzYch00 said...

Fixed. :)

Anonymous said...

Umm, I know it's very late and stuff, but the link isn't working, it's taking me to some blank page with a generic font that says 'index of/' and is showing a whole bunch of txt file links. What ze hell is this?

Anonymous said...

Um hello? This is getting ridiculous. I've even tried other browsers, I'm using Mac if youre curious.

Anonymous said...

Actually nvm. I found the link through some luck. Index /syobon.