Saturday, May 5, 2012


My new creation: GPTchat - a chat made just for people earning online.

It's still in alpha state but the registration, login, chat, banner rotating and promoting interface (ptp) is working perfectly. Registration is easy, You just need to type in Your login and e-mail and admin will send You your password You can then change after logging in.

This chat was made for easier communication with other people that earn online. You can share Your links, convince others to join programs You are in as Your referrals and so can do You. Talking about great earning opportunities is now made easier.

The chat has ability to open right frame site with any earning site (or other site) You like. For example: Donkeymails, NoMinimum, WWC and more. This way You can earn by clicking and talk on left frame chat while doing so!

In the future I plan to replace banner impression credits with just credits that can be spend on banner impressions, page promotion (ptp) and manual surf that I plan to implement.

Join now!