Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Webcameras around the world

I'm currently working on a worldwide webcameras project. I made simple webpage that lets You browse my webcam database that mainly contains controlable java, panasonic MJPEG and axis MJPEG ones (soon to add more). First two can be controlled by java or controls on my site (as long as they are not locked in camera settings). Site picks one randomly when accessed without special parameters. The list displays all webcams currently available in database. There is also simple search mode based on camera description (mainly location and URL). Everyone of them has original webpage url included incase original owner wants people to access their sites (good when You are in charge of tourism or some kind of hotel).

There was a time when I didn't have job and was browsing internet all day long. Then I found webcameras, mainly java ones then. I found it very interesting and very soon I was sighseeing world sitting behind my computer desk ;D . This time I wanted to easly access it from one database instead of googling webpages on and on. Since I'm now playing with php+mysql it is now possible! So here is the webpage! Have fun: