Sunday, March 24, 2013

GPTchat - a new way to earn and advertise online


I'm currently running a GPT program. The tool You can promote Your advertising as well as earn online with. It's called GPTchat.

I'm the person who wrote it from scratch basing on my programming knowledge as well as from examples found on the internet (who doesn't do it like this nowadays :P ). Yes, this makes me a developer, owner and administrator at the same time. So if the problem appears it is up to me to fix it, not to wait for "new version" of software to come out. Don't ask to buy it, it's not for sale :) .

Anyway the point is, if You are familiar with all PTC, manual surf, paid to promote programs You should check it out. It's very similar to all others. You can set up banners, page in its paid to promote or page in manual surf to be advertised there, as well as to win random prizes by promoting paid to promote page and surfing there. I think it's enough of small presenation. Please follow this link: and read more there.

If You are already a member You can post Your comments here. I really appreciate it :)

Thank You for Your time.