Thursday, January 5, 2012

Web Cameras Spy Online v1.41

Web Cameras Spy Online v1.41 AJAXed

Well, not fully AJAXed yet but searches and browsing are. (NO jquery)

I implemented browsing and searches in the background (similar to google search) that updates cameras' list on the fly. I also applied 50 max cameras at a time limit to be more mobile phone friendly (otherwise Opera Mini lagged). Now You can browse them (as long as You have javascript ON) by simply pressing Next/Previous 50 button or by typing anything in the search Text Box.

I also did a bit of cleaning up in the code and changed webserver software in order to meet 'lotsa requests' load.

In the near future I plan to add AJAX for opening camera's URL in order to prevent the ugly whole site refreshing. When? When I will have feeling like doing so. ;)

For now enjoy what is done: