Tuesday, May 28, 2013

KrzY CGminer Idle Detector v1.03 by Mr_KrzYch00

 Version 1.03 of KrzYcgmineridledetector is out.
- Added INI file - settings are saved everytime You change anything and restored on start,
- Added ability to change a port of miner to connect to, range 4025-4030,
- Added ability to change intensity to set GPU to when computer is idle, range 1-20,
- CHANGE: Program is now communicating directly with miner, no need for external java API (thanks to AHKsock library).

Well for all of You that CAN change intensity while using computer I wrote a small scripts in Autohotkey that I compiled to EXE. This one checks how long Your computer was idle (You set the number of seconds to count down) and if it considers it Idle, changes Intensity topredefined value of 1-20 or enables GPU of certain ID. When You start moving Your mouse or typing on keyboard it changes Intensity back to dynamic or disables GPU of certain ID. Also good for miners with 5 graphic cards that still use the miner for normal work and don't want to manually set intensity when they for example go to make coffee. The program will take care of increasing GPU work for that time for extra shares. :)

(compatible with bfgminer and all other forks with similar API)

If You want some feature, feel free to comment here and request it. I will see if it can be implemented.

Mr_KrzYch00 - www.4my.eu