Friday, June 29, 2012

Why join GPTchat?

GPTchat is a site where You can add 5 banners, 5 PTP campaigns and 5 Manual Surf right after signing up! Additionally You receive 250 credits bonus that can easly be converted to either 25000 banner impressions, 50 views of Your pages in Our PTP or 125 Manual Surf page views (assuming that timer is set to lowest 10 seconds) or split it among all 3 modules.

That's not everything! By surfing or promoting You have the chance to win REAL CASH that WILL be paid to Your paypal as long as You have a minimum of $1. The chance is NOT static, it's dynamically assigned basing on amount of cash left for winning prizes and number of people You refer. That's right! Each referral gives You a boost in winning. Every half of my paypal balance increases it further! The best thing is You get all this for FREE, You can win even $1 at once and the chance can be as high as 33-40%!

This isn't any bux site, hyip or any scam-site. I'm honest admin and will pay everyone!

Best part is that once We reach 500 members the site will be approved at donkey PTP and You will be able to get a lot of credits there, so don't waste Your time, Join now! There is no activity requirement and You can always leave by either stopping logging in or ask admin to delete Your account.


Sunday, June 10, 2012


What is GPTchat?

GPTchat is brand new system in GPT industry giving any of registerred members ability to put 5 BANNERS, 5 PTP CAMPAIGNS - sites to be promoted in our PTP2 rotator, and 5 Manual Surf pages and use Chat to communicate with other members. You get all of this just by registerring. As soon as You get Your first credits You can start putting them to banners, ptp campaigns or converting them to surf credits to display Your sites in manual surf.

That's not everything You get. There is affiliate page with Your sites added to GPTchat system (banners, PTP and manual surf pages) that You can display to others and earn credits! Every member gets one for FREE!

Still not convinced? How about random cash prizes for Promoting PTP1 (Your affiliate page) or PTP2 and by surfing? YES! Real cash starting from $0.001 till $1 that if You are lucky, You can win. But it's not just pure random chance! That chance is increased when there is more total cash to win and by Your referrals. That's right! Members You refer won't give You any % of their earnings but they will increase winning $CASH$ chance for You!

Don't waste Your time thinking!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


My new creation: GPTchat - a chat made just for people earning online.

It's still in alpha state but the registration, login, chat, banner rotating and promoting interface (ptp) is working perfectly. Registration is easy, You just need to type in Your login and e-mail and admin will send You your password You can then change after logging in.

This chat was made for easier communication with other people that earn online. You can share Your links, convince others to join programs You are in as Your referrals and so can do You. Talking about great earning opportunities is now made easier.

The chat has ability to open right frame site with any earning site (or other site) You like. For example: Donkeymails, NoMinimum, WWC and more. This way You can earn by clicking and talk on left frame chat while doing so!

In the future I plan to replace banner impression credits with just credits that can be spend on banner impressions, page promotion (ptp) and manual surf that I plan to implement.

Join now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4MY.EU for dynamic IPs

Assigning 4MY.EU subdomain for computers with dynamic IP is possible!
Did you check my other post stating that I will be giving out subdomains at 4MY.EU for limited time? If not read it first! Your webserver on Your local computer or remote VPS could have address like!

Anyway what I wanted to write about is that You can put apache web server (or any other software) on Your local computer and have subdomain at 4MY.EU even when You have dynamic IP that changes every time You reconnect to internet. This can be ahieved by using some dynamic DNS tool, for example NO-IP that will update its DNS everytime Your IP changes (as long as You have their software running or You set this function on Your interet router). The next step is to ask me to CNAME redirect my domain to Your dynamic DNS and vua la, You have redirecting to Your computer! I didn't test virtual servers but there might be a posibility to CNAME redirect money and money2 to one dynamic DNS host and set multiple web servers as virtual hosts in apache configuration but stating and as their names. I didn't test it so You may be first to do so. =)


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Giving away subdomains on 4MY.EU

4MY.EU domain is now registerred on me! YAY! I waited for it for 2 months and was very sceptical about actually getting it registerred under first-come, first-served rule :)

So for a limited time I will be giving away subdomains on 4MY.EU (DNS server side, up to 24h waiting time after adding for other DNS servers to update information) that can be assigned to IP (multiple subdomains to single IP possible for more than 1 virtual hosting on one server) or to CNAME (other hostname/domain). Just contact me by commenting under this post or read text below:

Currently I'm not working on any new project just lazy working on old ones from time to time, for example: KrzFlopt or Web Cameras Spy Online! I also have link shortening service on 33E.EU domain and I'm giving out subdomains on 4MY.EU domain - just contact me < mr underscore dot krzych00 at gmail dot underscore com > (can be assigned to IP and used as virtual WWW host or to other hostname (CNAME)). I plan to open mailing service at 4MY.EU but I'm very lazy about it now. :P
* I reserve the right to refuse, block, cancel/delete subdomain that I find suspicious of illegal activity or any other troublesome reason.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Web Cameras Spy Online v1.41

Web Cameras Spy Online v1.41 AJAXed

Well, not fully AJAXed yet but searches and browsing are. (NO jquery)

I implemented browsing and searches in the background (similar to google search) that updates cameras' list on the fly. I also applied 50 max cameras at a time limit to be more mobile phone friendly (otherwise Opera Mini lagged). Now You can browse them (as long as You have javascript ON) by simply pressing Next/Previous 50 button or by typing anything in the search Text Box.

I also did a bit of cleaning up in the code and changed webserver software in order to meet 'lotsa requests' load.

In the near future I plan to add AJAX for opening camera's URL in order to prevent the ugly whole site refreshing. When? When I will have feeling like doing so. ;)

For now enjoy what is done: