Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small project

For some time now I'm writing some kind of database that can be easly accessed and edited. It contains essential data I'm in charge of at work. It helps a lot, because there is no need to "move your ass" in order to verify things. All information necessary for us to work are kept in database and accessed through WWW.

Unfortunately due to it containing a lot of information that is not supposed to be public available I can't reveal any screenshot or similar information.

I can at least provide you with changelog.

- Changed how the server reacts when textarea is left empty after clicking a button. It will now automatically asign '-' to it.
- Improved ajax function:
* Replace controls with text only when ajax is successful
* Button DISABLE'ing until ajax succedess or returns error. Error: re-enabled, Success: standard behaviour.
- Replaced input text with textarea
- Added support for ENTERs
- Added compare mode
- Changed 'Zatwierdz' button position to fix status div fully covering it

- Added ability to change password
- Added permission to prevent view, view or view&modify specified data
- Added ability to logout
- Switched from hardcoded login to SQL login

- Added jquery and AJAX to support editing directly on the webpage
- Added login and session timeout (set to 10 min)

- New generation version with tree

- First initial version to view database content of 3 columns in a table