Sunday, April 21, 2013

BitCoin mining on Notebook? Yes!

A lot of notebooks have mobile graphic cards with poor computation power... Though it's different case with Sony VAIO VPCSA25. This notebook breaks easly: fan, bad pixels, SSD boards. It has very outdated drivers now since Sony doesn't care and it costed a lot. I know I'm complaining but it really is WORST CUSTOMER CARE and BAD ASSEMBLING I ever saw. Next time I will stick to Asus as I thought I should, but.....

This notebook has awesome AMD Radeon HD6630M for computation! Most notebooks nowadays come with Nvidia that sucks for Hash computations. It's just slower becasue it's having less more advanced transistors that are great for games, but because of them being in less number, worse for simple computations done on GPU.
You can still get notebook with AMD graphic card, but they are mostly low-end having some shitty 10MH/s etc etc.

This small 13.3" notebook's AMD Radeon HD6630M can do whipping 66MH/s! Hey! For notebook it's awesome speed... it's 5,5x less than HD6870 for desktops that gets 290-306MH/s (max number ahieved when overclocked 900->990Mhz and dedicated - otherwise it crashes). Due to Sony having outdated drivers and not caring to update without ability to switch to original AMD ones (as You can do in most cases with Asus) it doesn't like that You want to use computer at the same time. Well You can, but setting instensity to anything below 8 will crash Your display driver that will require You to restart cgminer... Not to mention graphic card overheats when playing a game or mining and crashes as well... Good stuff, let's put some great HD6630M (+7% better than Nvidia 330M, but most likely getting more temperatures to compete due to having more transistors, and yes, it does) into small 13.3" and not care about the resuls - Sony. But there is a workaround for it: 

This building is quite unstable but it makes it -15*C than being put under notebook when it's being fixed on empty cigarette packs. :D

Well for all of You that CAN change intensity while using computer I wrote a small scripts in Autohotkey that I compiled to EXE. This one checks how long Your computer was idle (You set the number of seconds to count down) and if it considers it Idle, changes Intensity to 9 or enables GPU of certain ID. When You start moving Your mouse or typing on keyboard it changes Intensity back to dynamic or disables GPU of certain ID. Also good for miners with 5 graphic cards that still use the miner for normal work and don't want to manually set intensity when they for example go making coffee. The program will take care of increasing GPU work for that time for extra shares. :)

If You want some feature, feel free to comment here and request it. I will see if it can be implemented.

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