Friday, June 26, 2020

Editing AHX music


This is what editing music in AHX format looks like. AHX are small files created in this tracker that gives the tune this unique chiptune vibe to it. In this tracker, however, you can define multiple notes and effects as an instrument itselfl, making those chiptune-like vibrations just by using the final, desired notes in tracker later without any other effects added (if you wish to).

If you want to try it yourself you would need an Amiga computer with hard drive installed or means to run it in software.

1. You need the proper Amiga running for this, I used Amiga 1200,
2. Connect hard drive to it and boot Workbench 3.0 floppy disk installing it on your hard drive,
3. Download AYS-A233.LHA from ahx and extract the archive,
4. Copy extracted files to your Amiga hard drive,
5. When in workbench, open the hard drive, pick view all files from menu (just browse a bit, you will find it),
6. Browse to the directory with AHX installed and double-click AHX-68000 (or AHX-68020 if you have an Amiga with suitable CPU for that),
7. You should be ready to go.

Remember that right mouse click shows menu on Amiga computers.

Sorry for not being detailed enough, I wanted to keep it brief, so you try and figure it out. I think it's always good to learn by trying things by yourself too, not just doing step-by-step instructions.

Also a small update, I minimized the amount of ADs to a minimum, because I hate those lagging sites that even on my Ryzen work like piece of junk... I hope it's OK to keep at least a bit of that content, right? We have those distractors everywhere nowadays... Oh, look... ADD... :)

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