Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Syobon Action 2 English with sound and 3-1 (9th) level fix

Everyone played Mario at least once, right? Wondering what Syobon Action is? It's a cat-mario game that really can piss anybody off. The 1st version is not that hard to pass, a lot of people did it already... (as shown on youtube)

Yesterday I found somebody playing Syobon Action... 2... YES!. LOL 2nd version that is really HARD. The link to the movie on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC2ym5sZ8Wk. You may notice him getting pissed a lot ;D

Anyway, I downloaded the game, run it and was like WOW no sound... that sucks. So I viewed Syobon Action 2.exe in Total Commander's lister and found out that there are... wavs... Yes, every sound resource file has WAV instead of mp3 there. So simply how to make audio working is to change every file in BGM and SE directories to wav or just download my modified EXE below - reads MP3 files, is in 60% translated to English and has level 3-1 (9th) fix! (virus-free: scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials).


This is only EXE file. To run the game you need to download original game from the link posted on Youtube: Syobon Action 2 (Part 1) -With Commentary- then replace extracted exe with the one posted in ZIP file above.

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