Monday, October 18, 2010

Faster Firefox? More portable? Pigfoot builds.

For some time now (maybe a year or less) I'm using Pigfoot Firefox builds. I believe that they are a lot faster than official builds. I did notice Speed Increase on my Asus Eee 901 netbook. I didn't run any special tests but I'm sure it loads and responds faster causing less lag on low-end devices. It's recommended for old computers (he prepares P1 and P2 builds too) as well as for any new computer that You want to view webpages even faster. I also recommend his Portable Firefox versions that can be easly run from pendrive, SD card etc.

Here's a bit optimised portable edition of Pigfoot's Firefox:

You may try to request anything by commenting on his builds. He may actually implement it in next build.

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