Friday, October 22, 2010

English Syobon Action 2 with sound and 3-1 level (9th)

English Syobon Action 2 with sound
Free game download:

I'm currently working on version 1.01 of translation that will fix credits, additional file requirement (sorry for that) and polish the translation. Also I will include fixed japanese version for people that want to play it in original language with fixed sound and 9th level. STAY TUNED!.

Yes! Let another persion die OVER9000 times, and in english this time! Syobon Action 2 compiled by me, Mr_KrzYch00. This built is english translated (still may have a lot of translation bugs, I'm still not that pro with Japanese), has sound fix and 9th (3-1) level graphic fix.

The gameplay is exactly the same. You just keep dying a lot ;D
I did my best to translate as much as I can. I used google translate,, yahoo's Babelfish and NJStar Japanese Word Pad to translate or kana/kata-nize kanji for me to understand meaning of sentence. I translated main.cpp comments too. I fixed sound by replacing WAV extension with MP3 extension in sourcecode. I fixed graphic in 9th (3-1) level by replacing 5th graphic set with standard 1st one (as in 1st level), because 5th one is not yet added. I also added a small mod here - special music in 9th (3-1) level!


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