Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Zopfli KrzYmod updates

Zopfli fork also called Zopfli KrzYmod got some updates.

Basically I put there some latest zopfli changes which impact compression, enabled --legacy mode to work with multi-files as well (to provide new Zopfli functionality fully, notably additional splitting last which is unfortunatelly omitted in KrzYmod algorithm with newest changes). Added --brotli switch to use Brotli's Huffman for RLE which provides different block splitting and smaller files at times (on my test case I got 13 bytes reduction on ~2KB gz file of minified JS).

I will put release a bit later after I get rid of all errors, I think there are some with zopflipng crashing or so. You can, however, compile it Yourself from git.

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