Thursday, March 10, 2016

Putty Windows x64 and Linux builds (x86, x64, ARMv5, ARMv7)

If anybody is interested, I just compiled Putty for below systems:
- Windows x64 (CLI & GUI),
- Linux x86 (CLI & GUI-GTK),
- Linux x64 (CLI & GUI-GTK),
- Linux ARMv7 (CLI & GUI-GTK),
- Linux ARMv5 (CLI Only).

All builds feature Linker-time optimizations with Linker Plugin (except ARMv5), are static.
ARMv7 build is NEON FPU optimised, built on Odroid U3.
ARMv5 was built on Zyxel NSA-220 (oarm, uClibc).

CLI & GUI builds contain: fuzzterm, pageant, plink, pscp, psftp, pterm, putty, puttygen, puttytel.
CLI only builds contain: fuzzterm, plink, pscp, psftp, puttygen.

I know it's kind of pointless to have Putty on Linux but hey, maybe someone is so used to operate it on Windows he/she is willing to have it on Linux as well. :)

Windows x86 builds are available on the official site, so I'm not compiling those.

Why should You care for x64 builds? Well, if You run x64 system usually x64 builds should be faster on those systems. With putty it should make a difference when using tunnels to transfer large amounts of data or copying files with other tools provided. I didn't make any comparison charts myself, but if You care to do them, You can share the information. :)

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