Monday, October 18, 2010

Extreme blog

I have a workmate that writes a blog. He sometimes does use vulgar language. It has its meaning though. He does it to describe life. Yes, you heard it right! He just tries to answer the very intriguing question 'what's life about?' by describing his very own experience on various situations. Sometimes he tries to understand why people around him are so f--- hating (he calls them haters or 'hejters' - as it's written in Polish) him. Sometimes He gives a lot of very useful advices that You may follow. Remember, do it with a distance, because nobody said things will get better, sometimes You may loose more and gain a little or nothing. ;)

Of course he doesn't give a damn about what people are saying. He said that 'when people are going to insult me on GG I'm just ignoring them...', he also said that there are people that really like his blog. He sometimes looks at life from very negative perspective. Tells various stories about his friends that were very unlucky and something happened to them.

Anyway feel free to visit his blog and comment on it.

http://****** (censored because he was QQing about it ;)
as you can see there is still a part of communism left in Poland, censorship ftw ;D

*Warning: blog is in Polish language. You may want to use some translation tool to view it in your native language but You may have hard time understanding it, because He sometimes uses words that may be left untranslated.

**Warning: I'm not sure if he allows english comments. You have been warned!

Unfortunatelly due to a lot of QQing of the blog's author I censored the link. Maybe someday he will grow up enough to let me repost it with the address. Sorry, I must respect this choice of his.

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