Sunday, October 17, 2010

GaduAir speeds

Today I tested GaduAir speeds at my school. The location is Slowackiego, Poznan. The results were: 4,75mbps download and 1,25mbps upload speed without external antenna attached (who would take it to school ;P). Everyone probably knows that GaduAir uses Polkomtel (Plus) to sell their services (they pay Plus for lending them their mobile phone infrastructure). Such providers are also knows as virtual providers. They may have good offers but sometimes they may be less prioritized than the provider the mobile phone antennas belong to. I didn't notice much problems with GaduAir though. Mentioned before speeds are satisfiying, that said, they are for sure better than Play.

Currently the best Internet offers for this provider in Poland are:
- 300MB for 11PLN (~$3,80)
- 2GB for 33PLN (~$11,40)
* to be used in 30 days after purchasing

It's a bit more expensive but speeds are far better (especially when used with external antenna) and accessiblity to the network is wider.

If you live in Poland or you have someone that You would like to give a small gift to, You may want to buy it.

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