Thursday, July 15, 2010

KrzYoptimizer v1.09 and v1.10-pre !!!

You want to REDUCE SIZE of your PNG or JPG files to reduce traffic on your website? Maybe you just want your banners or other images to open faster on slow connections?
This program is for you!

All in one Optimizer for PNG, JPG, JAR, ZIP and GZ files.

This version has been up for 2 days but I didn't have enough time to post it here (sorry busy with rl)... Anyway version 1.09 changelog:

- Fixed, blocked Listview editing that could corrupt results
- Added forcing of first block search range (some files don't want to reduce size at
- Added some additional checks to loading config file
- Changed Open PNG/JPG files... to Add PNG/JPG files that dynamically adds new files
to already populated list view...
- Clearing list question when adding files to a list that contains already optimized files

- required space to run optimization reduced from [extracted_archive_size] to [extracted_file_to_optimize_size]
- archive is updated everytime file in list optimization is done
- 'd' key on selected item in list can easly remove file (incase some of them are already optimized and you don't want to waste time on them)
- smaller exe (less code)
- more

Version 1.10-pre changelog:
- Totally rewritten working on files:
* Now only one file from zip is extracted at a time
* ZIP archive is optymized file per file
* Program can read compressed file size from loaded archive
- Added: DELETE key on selected list item deletes file from list
(good incase you don't want to optimize 0 byte files in zip archive - waste of time)
- Added DiffB (Difference bytes) that shows how many bytes were saved per file
- Added terminating of running Shell process to avoid errors on deleting temporary files
- Changed quit message

Version 1.09
Version 1.10-pre (alpha)


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