Sunday, July 11, 2010

Youtube Surfer ScreenSaver v1.03

Always wanted to have your own Youtube Surfer ScreenSaver?
Try it, it's FREE!

YoutubeSurfer is a ScreenSaver that opens Youtube movie from the address you type in settings. It runs Internet Explorer object to load Youtube webpages.

After successfully playing a movie for the time of 10-60 seconds (whatever you set in settings) it changes video to one of 10 first related videos and so on. It automatically switches to full screen (as long as you type proper X and Y cordinates in settings).

It can be downloaded directly from here or by going to my website:

Just run it and it will install itself into your system directory and open ScreenSaver Personalisation for you to select it from list.

As you can see there is setting for changing video, youtube movie address and to set fullscreen mode automatically by double-clicking video. Everything should be easy to understand beside last option... Well, just observe the dot in square. It shows where the Screen Saver will try to doubleclick to change to full screen. PLEASE SET WITH CARE because you may break something if you set improper cordinates.

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