Sunday, July 18, 2010

KrzYoptimizer v1.10 finally out

You want to REDUCE SIZE of your PNG or JPG files to reduce traffic on your website? Maybe you just want your banners or other images to open faster on slow connections?
This program is for you!

All in one Optimizer for PNG, JPG, JAR, ZIP and GZ files.

Another version of KrzYoptimizer is out! This time a lot of changes were made that should make the program easier to use and have better functionality. Changelog:
- Totally rewritten working on files:
* Now only one file from zip is extracted at a time
* ZIP archive is optimized file per file
* Program can read compressed file size from loaded archive
- Added new icon
- Added Deflate file subitem
- Added ability to process multiple ZIP/JAR/GZ files
- Added ability to mix ZIPfiles with standalone PNG/JPG images
- Added: DELETE key on selected items in list deletes them from list
(good incase you don't want to optimize 0 byte files in zip archive - waste of time)
- Added DiffB (Difference bytes) that shows how many bytes were saved per file
- Added terminating of running Shell process to avoid errors on deleting temporary files
- Removed Save, Save As and Close menu items (they are no longer necessary because
program now bases on listview items and updates files dynamically)
- Deleted Debug Code (will be back later, was unfinished anyway)
- Changed Open ZIP/JAR/GZ file to Add ZIP/JAR/GZ file
- Changed quit message
- Code optimization (filesize greatly reduced)

So now program works mainly on Listview... Almost all data it needs to properly process files is there. In previous versions it was only to show how much of data was processed. Now it's really program's database, since it processes file by file as they would be loaded separatelly. Even every file in ZIP is done separatelly.
What does that mean? You can easly delete files you don't want to process in zipfile at runtime (as long as the file wasn't or is not being optimized) and Deflate Archive is reducing its size everytime a file inside is optimized. Program doesn't require [extraced_archive_size]b of disk space anymore. It extracts one file at a time then deletes it from temp directory when optimization ends.

As there is new feature to delete not yet processed files anytime, 'DELETE' key and multiselect functionality were added to ListView.

This version fixes bug when not all of temporary files were deleted when program was closing. This time it forces all running shell processes to terminate before getting rid of all work data.

You can now load multiple ZIP files and even mix them with JPG/PNG files being outside of archive as long as it's before You press START button.

That's all the features. Program does not yet support resuming function as ZIPslim does (even though a lot of time passed and versions were released already), but it's easy to skip already processed files (as long as You remember which one was last processed) by simply, selecting them on list and then pressing 'DELETE' key (maybe I will add some logfile in next version to help You to find out which file it stopped processing at).

KrzYoptimizer Version 1.10


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