Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Watching HD movies on Asus UL20A

INFO! I don't have this notebook anymore. It was given away but I heard it's still working pretty much ok.

Today I was trying to watch some HDTV and Full HD movies (Anime actually).
HDTV x264 ones performed quite well. CPU usage was ~20% and sometimes went to ~50% but I was using VMR9 render that is not very fast but i could test subtitles...
Next was FullHD one... That was quite a task for this 1.3ghz c2d cpu... Without subtitiles, when Overlay Mixer was used the movie didn't drop any frames, not bad here but I don't know so much japanese to understand everything =P
So i tried loading subtitiles on VMR9 render... WOW! I got sideshow, it was like 2 frames per second, you can't watch that! So I tried this:

- selecting EVR custom pres and set EVR Buffers to 45... I got smoother video now but sometimes it hanged for a while to load to buffer so I changed from full screen to windowed mode and for some reason it didn't skip any frame then... I would need to retest that few times to make sure what are the best setting for it to play smoothly.

I used external display with 1920x1200 32bit resolution to play the movie.

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