Sunday, June 13, 2010


This time I was working on some Visual Basic Script. The idea came from Andrew C.E. Dent's PNGslim script that optimizes PNG files.

ZIPslim in progress:

Actually I wrote testkzip script before discovering Andrew's invention. It was not open to public and It was simple and buggy (not really that much but still). It was based on my test script (similar to PNGslim but used only pngout and deflopt resulting in files being larger that one produced by his script).

At the beginning of this month I said to myself "how about doing something similar to PNGslim" but when I viewed his cmd file I thought "I'm sick of this cmd based script that isn't really programming language". Then I got an idea to write this in pure VBScript using few cmd commands (like dir or md) because of lazyness. =P

So I did the prototype and then I mainly converted my testkzip.cmd script there fixing few bugs. Guess what? It did optimize ZIP files pretty well (faster than cmd version), although it did support only one file inside zip and crashed on directories a lot =D

I think I got addicted to VBs again (previously I did Visual MinShare for DC Hub from NeoModus when I was 15 years old - almost 10 years ago). I can't stop adding things, everything that comes to my mind needs to be put there... be it at home, friend's house or even at work =)

Basically it's so automated that it even downloads and installs all necessary files directly from the internet (don't be scared when some window pop-ups while installing, it DOES NO HARM to your computer and it's necessary for things to run smooth and fast). It's at v0.97 by now (starting from v0.90) and can not only process ZIP files. It additionally accepts JAR, JPG, PNG and BMP files, all thanks to those people that worked hard to reduce every bit of uneccessary information, BIG THANKS!

You can download it at for free !
Don't forget to visit to get information what programs are used to gain such cool results!

PLEASE! Report all bugs here as commets, Thanks!


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