Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Asus UL20A

INFO! I don't have this notebook anymore. It was given away but I heard it's still working pretty much ok.

Oh WOW I wanted to do 'comming soon' things but hey... I got owned by real life. That thing really took my spare time away from me )=
Oh, well... I just got myself Asus UL20A notebook! That's like 12.1 inch, core2duo 1.3ghz CULV, 250GB HD with a lot of other things inside. Despite description it contains 5600mAh battery (instead of 2800mAh) and bluetooth (that also is not stated in the description in certain stores) - or was I just that lucky to get better version for the same price???
Anyway, I was running few tests here. Especially I was really concerned about how much power this thing takes from my wall socket (or battery). On 1920x1200 external display with wireless mouse (2.4G), keyboard and lan cable plugged in it took only 6Watts in idle WOW (Eee 901 took minimum of 4-4.5Watts /w display turned off completely)! But when harddrive started to move head(s) a little it went to 8-9Watts and if you run 7-zip benchmark it went up to 11.7Watts when my Eee 901, that took almost two times lower score, took 12.5Watts!!! Little atom along with its smaller chipset took more than c2d!
Anyway that's all tests so far. You get 40W charger (EeePC got 36W one) and the battery takes maximum of 25Watts from socket to charge... and I hope we can get some hueg battery replacements soon... since UnLimited series are MUUUUCH more powerful than any atom netbook and they take very low power (higher than Atom, but still).

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