Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Battery

Unfortunately old battery had 50% wear and it was lasting 4h at most... That was really a pain (as it is power saving netbook, it should last 7-8h). So i bought myself 8800mAh that costed me ~$100. Now netbook shows even 14-15h! (when it's really IDLE! That means it's taking ~4W of power! - turned off usb, wifi,lan,card reader etc). I bought this one cause I had problem getting whitenergy's (4 world) 11000mAh (as 12000mAh on some webpages) one. I hope to get the 11000mAh one on monday next week.

[In the picture, original battery on the right, 8800mAh replacement on the left]

8800mAh when fully charged has ~8h of use with wifi turned on and unlocked multiplier in power saving mode (? not sure, maybe it was high performance mode). It's not that bad but when adding 2200mAh (the battery im waiting for) it should make it 10h... That's good!

I will do some more tests when i get it =)

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