Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today as always I'm going to work with bus. This time with Solaris Urbino 18 (hybrid bus)... Most of it is packed with women, like 75% and 75% of those 75% are young ones =P

Lately I'm not testing any device, that's why this blog went a bit silent. Since last sunday I'm again playing on Ragnarok Online private server, Quality Ragnarok Online Galaxy (renewed version of old qro that was closed down due to unknown reason).

The game works well in 800x600 even on power saving settings, though you will notice your Asus Eee going a bit hot (about 65-70*C on cpu with fan turned off ). Of course you will get a bit of frameskips, it's not like your computer at home running on 8800GT or similar graphic card; if it bothers you try /skip command.
The server is open to public since 23 march 09 so there are not enough people yet to run WoE (War of Emperium) and test how much it sucks on this device (or rocks, but comparing 100 on screen players, where 25-50% spam skills, to empty field with few monster you kill with fire bolt, it will be the otherwise), you get the idea...

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