Thursday, December 3, 2009

External battery update

As I wrote earlier Whitenergy's External battery is not that good for Asus eee 901... As it charges it 5% and jumps from battery to external to battery and so on - that may damage your battery or power socket! But lately i discovered that it can actually work well with my Netbook but it needs to be fully charged. When internal battery is fully (or almost, 98%) charged it can easly give enough power to use it on super high perfomance mode with unblocked multiplier and wifi on for 2-3 hours. Also it can be used to switch batteries when your are on move. WARNING! External bettery must be fully charged to give enough power to switch batteries (since the power drain will jump to 30 Watts when you still have internal battery at lower than 80% inside to switch it).

After 2-3h you would need to unplug external battery or when it starts to show you Battery power, external power messages spam. DO IT IMMIDIATELLY SO YOU WON'T DAMAGE YOUR EEE OR INTERNAL BATTERY! DON'T GO AWAY FROM YOUR NETBOOK WHEN YOU HAVE EXTERNAL BATTERY PLUGGED IN!!!

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