Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1GB not enough?

There are few people (including myself) that would want to get two times as much ram you have by default. I recommend getting DDR2 so-dimm clocked @ 667mhz, just to be sure it doesn't fail on super performance mode. I picked Kingston DDR2 667 cl5.

First you need to turn your asus eee upsidedown. Then on the bottom side you can see two screws. Take them out and open the cover. There you can see memory (top of the pic), wireless module (left side), and your asus SSD@mini pci-e, the D: one (right side).

Before taking you memory out be sure to disable boot booster in BIOS and turn off your asus eee by taking the battery out. Now you are free to replace your ram with bigger one (please note that A-data module is rated 1.5V. If you use module rated 1.8V you may notice a little higher power usage). You close the lid, put the battery in the right place, power on your netbook. Go to bios, enable boot booster, let it load to Windows. Now you will see 2GB of ram. It is necessary for people that want to run 300MB+ ramdrive to store firefox cache, so the webpages are loading faster.

Also you are free to upgrade your SSD (right side on the pic). There are two modules available on the market (or more, but those two are worth mentioning). First is
RunCore 128GB Pro SATA 70mm Mini PCI-e PCIe SSD for ASUS EEE PC 900 900A 901 and S101, IT'S 128GB, 125MB/s read speed and 95MB/s write speed. Very good if you want to install a lot of games, programs or just take a lot of movies, music. The second one is Patriot Lite Series 32 and 64GB. This one has half as much storage, too bad its read/write speeds are almost 10 times slower than RunCore's.
As for me, I didn't buy any SSD yet (they cost a lot), so I can't give you much review. I leave it up to you. =)

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