Friday, April 10, 2009

External Battery fully tested! [post obsolete]

WARNING! This post is marked as obsolete. Reason: The external battery and Access Point died some time ago.

I did some more tests on external battery mentioned earlier after second full charge. Too bad it's not really suited to charge asus eee or, i suspect, any other notebook. The power of 10Watts is not enought. The switching between batter/dc mode on asus eee not only lags it, also makes your battery discharge faster (or at least the same speed) - even when your battstat shows charging of +4Watts, the battery remaining charge percentage drops. Maybe when someone tries to buy two or, if it works that way, three of the same batteries and connect one to another setting 16 or 19V output (this battery has 14V charger and accepts 14-24V for dc input) then maybe Asus eee will charge normally, just maybe...

Anyway, the battery was fully tested on Creative Inspire T3100 having 12V 2.8A power supply. Playing music on medium volume with full bass on wasn't interrupted with any voltage drops, or as far as i tested. It can be useful for playing your music on 2.1 speaker system in your garden =)
As you can see on the picture, the battery being connected to Edimax EW 7206 APg wireless access point that requires 12V 500mA power supply, also no problems here (no wonder it's 6 out of 10Watts maximum battery drain). That helped me a lot cause i can't power it there using normal power supply.

As for charging notebooks. To be exact it charges it for a while, mine works for 5% charge giving out full power potential my asus eee needs, some people said other external batteries, supplying max 10watts of power, work for 1 hour or, till battery meter shows 85% or 75%. I think it really depends on how lucky you are =)

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