Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New External Battery from Whitenergy [post obsolete]

WARNING! This post is marked as obsolete. Reason: The external battery died some time ago. It wasn't good for anything that powering the tablet/phone with USB. On 12V it couldn't provide enough Ampers to properly power netbook but surprisingly at 16V or 19V it worked fine (if You don't take battery overheating problem into consideration).

External battery from Whitenergy good for people for whom internal 6600mAh just isn't enough.

This thing weights 620grams, that's a bit. You get 20000mAh at 3.7V so if you do a simple calculation (20000/1000*3,7=) you will get a value of 74Wh. Yes! It's 74Watts of power at full charge (just wanted to mention that asus' internal battery has 54Wh).

Whitenergy gave you a few voltage options so you don't have to buy aditional converters for, let's say, netbooks that need only 12V chargers. You can set 12, 16 or 19V on DC output and you have an additional USB port with 5V supply for charging your cell phone or MP3 Player.

So how efficent it is?

According to distributor's site it has (only) 10Watts of maximum output power. That's not a lot and can be a problem when you charge your netbook (too bad it doesn't want to stop charging when it detects unstable or low power external power supply). You may get OSD spam telling you that it's either on DC or battery power. When 10 minutes passed, it stopped spamming and battstat showed charging status of +4Watts, though I heard a weird noise from my netbook =)

I did a few tests with other external devices like access point that requires 12V/0,5A power supply or Creative speakers - 12V/2,8A. Both worked like a charm, especially access point. Everything that can work on 10Watts and below will do the job just fine and anything above may result in power drop spikes on DC output.

The battery fully charges in 6 hours...

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