Friday, June 29, 2012

Why join GPTchat?

GPTchat is a site where You can add 5 banners, 5 PTP campaigns and 5 Manual Surf right after signing up! Additionally You receive 250 credits bonus that can easly be converted to either 25000 banner impressions, 50 views of Your pages in Our PTP or 125 Manual Surf page views (assuming that timer is set to lowest 10 seconds) or split it among all 3 modules.

That's not everything! By surfing or promoting You have the chance to win REAL CASH that WILL be paid to Your paypal as long as You have a minimum of $1. The chance is NOT static, it's dynamically assigned basing on amount of cash left for winning prizes and number of people You refer. That's right! Each referral gives You a boost in winning. Every half of my paypal balance increases it further! The best thing is You get all this for FREE, You can win even $1 at once and the chance can be as high as 33-40%!

This isn't any bux site, hyip or any scam-site. I'm honest admin and will pay everyone!

Best part is that once We reach 500 members the site will be approved at donkey PTP and You will be able to get a lot of credits there, so don't waste Your time, Join now! There is no activity requirement and You can always leave by either stopping logging in or ask admin to delete Your account.


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