Sunday, June 10, 2012


What is GPTchat?

GPTchat is brand new system in GPT industry giving any of registerred members ability to put 5 BANNERS, 5 PTP CAMPAIGNS - sites to be promoted in our PTP2 rotator, and 5 Manual Surf pages and use Chat to communicate with other members. You get all of this just by registerring. As soon as You get Your first credits You can start putting them to banners, ptp campaigns or converting them to surf credits to display Your sites in manual surf.

That's not everything You get. There is affiliate page with Your sites added to GPTchat system (banners, PTP and manual surf pages) that You can display to others and earn credits! Every member gets one for FREE!

Still not convinced? How about random cash prizes for Promoting PTP1 (Your affiliate page) or PTP2 and by surfing? YES! Real cash starting from $0.001 till $1 that if You are lucky, You can win. But it's not just pure random chance! That chance is increased when there is more total cash to win and by Your referrals. That's right! Members You refer won't give You any % of their earnings but they will increase winning $CASH$ chance for You!

Don't waste Your time thinking!

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Anonymous said...

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