Monday, December 6, 2010

Convert LOOOOONG urls into short ones

Shorter URL free of charge? Easy to remember? Special functions: Random redirect and Tier targetting? Is it even possible? YES! READ ON!

Yesterday I started working on my own PHP script that let's people "cut" long URLs into short one. For example any URL can be reduced to First version took only 30 min to write and I did it at work on Sunday lol. Anyway till today I was writing 2 additional functionalities. The first one was random URL redirecting that lets visitor pick 3 URLs that short URL will randomly redirect to. Each of them has 33,(3)% chance to be picked and the URL looks like this where r stands for random. Second is Tier targetting. I think it's the hottest one because it lets you redirect people from specified countries to your website and the referring URL remains the same it was ( DOES NOT count)! Tiers are based on 1centmail and world-wide cash PTP tiers. The URL always looks like this: where t stands for tiers or targetting (as You like ;).

Service is totally free of charge. Of course I accept donations and as a reward I can enable number at the beginning of URL or even a full name like or Of course You need to mail me after you donate - more info You will find after submitting URL to generate short one. There are NO ads involved in redirecting system and I hope there never will be one. Only ads I would want to show are banners shown on main URL submitting page. You can of course donate and get a banner on main site as well for a specified time (needs to be talked over by mail).

In the future i plan to ADD Statistics, Registerring, Logging in, editing URLs, targetting by countries someday. Don't know if that means SOON or not ;P

I urge You to try it. I will not use any information You submit against You or to profit from. I really don't care about what You submit but I DO ACCEPT ABUSE REPORTS incase someone does very bad thing ;) (This link was accessed: times)

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