Monday, August 9, 2010

KrzYoptimizer v1.20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You want to REDUCE SIZE of your PNG or JPG files to reduce traffic on your website? Maybe you just want your banners or other images to open faster on slow connections?
This program is for you!

Right on time, two days after last release ;)
[download at the bottom of this post]
Today's download is sponsored by: The SoundBringers

This version improves ZIPslim algorithm and adds ability to Force Extreme strategy only for PNGslim and new improved ZIPslim algorithm. Pause functionality was improved by now ALSO pausing process it's running in background for optimisation purpouses. This allows You to reduce program's CPU usage to 0% RIGHT AFTER clicking Pause button (no need to wait for it to finish anymore). Last thing added is 'Skip Rnd' button. I planned to add it long time ago but there were more improtand things on my mind then ;P. It does skip Random Huffman Table inits for current file. You can press it anytime ZIPslim or PNGslim module is running but it will only Skip Random tries so You need to wait for it to go to that point. Very good incase you set a lot of Random Tries but didn't expect it to be THAT slow ;)

- Optimizes ZIP files*
- Optimizes JAR files*
- Optimizes GZ files*
- Optimizes JPG files*
- Optimizes PNG files*
- Converts ZIP to GZ**
- Only 70KB on HDD
- Takes 1.3MB Ram
- Written in VB6
- Does NOT use OCX libs!
* WinAPI Progress Bar
* WinAPI List View
* WinAPI Status Bar
- Converts Extended PK headers to Local PK headers**
- Converts Local PK headers to Extended PK headers**
- ... and more


* This program requires other software to run optimization. They belong to various authors and may be subject to other licensing agreement. For more information please check their websites (can be found in About window).
** Converting and archive content display is done by program itself - doesn't require other software.

Enyway, enjoy:



Known bugs:
- I noticed today that deleting from list doesn't work past last file position optimised when list was cleared and other file was loaded. I will fix it in next release. Most likely i forgot to ZERO some variable. Just restart program after optimization for now ;)

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