Wednesday, August 11, 2010

KrzYoptimizer and random tries

Regarding Random Tries used in KZIP and PNGOUT. As the name implies it's random. IT IS TOTALLY RANDOM. Even when you run 2000 tries you can still get better result when you rerun optimizer and run another 2000 tries. Sometimes you may ahieve best results in 10 first tries.

Next version is ready but I'm not yet uploading it (WHAT?! NO PRE RELEASE THIS TIME? THAT'S RIGHT!). For the purpouse this topic describes there were 2 buttons added. They will let you control Random Tries on the run. You can either Skip them or Restart if You feel that it may reduce file even further, even when 1900 of 2000 didn't succed - it will then start again from 1 and go to 2000. Here is the picture how it looks like:

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