Tuesday, August 3, 2010

KrzYoptimizer v1.17

Fast update to v1.17 that fixes broken pause and few other things. I felt like releasing it the same day as v1.16 because I found a lot of things that MUST be fixed afap. For more info check changelog.

This, new version, could be called a hotfix. Said so, It also exchances few things in options to look nicer and finally to get rid of msctls.ocx. I managed to do a small workaround, because in order to do sliders/controlTabs things by api calls I would need to redirect build in VB6 Subclassing to my own custom one using WindowProc procedure and 'Case'-ing all messages. That's actually a good thing because then all Forms can be done by dynamically CreatingWindows with API calls and that may results in full WinAPI VB6 application. Of course You can't get rid of VB6.dll (or maybe there is a trick to it but I didn't really read about it) but It may help later when I will try to convert the code to C or Cpp (I'm not quite sure about doing it yet). Sometimes custom subclassic may get kind of buggy and crashy so I have it as last thing listed.

So what's in this version anyway:
- Fixed overflow on big PNGfiles [IMPORTANT!]
- Fixed infnite loops on certain ZIP files with Extra Field [IMPORTANT!]
- Reverted array back to long to fix errors in display that may have also produced incorrect results [IMPORTANT!]
- Changed/Moved controls a bit away from window edges to fix Windows Themes [MEDIUM]
- Replaced a few controls with alternatives to get rid of msctls.ocx
- and more...



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