Sunday, August 1, 2010

KrzYoptimizer v1.15

[Update: 21:53 GMT+1]

Prerelease version of 1.16 is available for download here.
- Fixes display when Windows Theme is enabled
- Fixes infnite loops on certain ZIP files when extra field was used (filename was impreperly read)

This version adds and improves few things. Mainly two things are worth noting:
- Faster deleting items in list
- Adding all optimizable files from directory

First one was already mentioned in post below, in prerelease version. Second allows you to open multiple ZIP/JAR/GZ files all at once and fixes limit for adding multiple Image files (The limit is 256 characters, it counted fullpath characters and all files you want to add plus one special null character to split them later), sometimes it allowed you to add only 2 files when the full path had a lot of directories and filenames were long. To see more changes click changelog.



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