Monday, July 5, 2010

String2chr and KrzYopti v1.06

I released new tool. It's called String2chr, it converts any text in textbox into chr(number)+chr(number)+<...>+chr(number)... If you write Visual Basic Scripts or program in Visual Basic you may find this tool useful... It's sometimes good to hide text inside vbscript or EXE. YES, You are right, string made by chr()'s is not visible if somebody views your VBscript or EXE! Took me 30 min to script, it allows You to resize or even maximize window by resizing all contols at the same time!

All programs available on

Also KrzYopti v1.06 is out:
v1.06 5-June-2010
- Added 2nd progress bar [Total work] - Total progress per file
- Fixed pngslim crashing program in zip mode (forgot to add txt->variables, sry
about that - too much code =D)
- Added more tooltips
- Code organising

v1.05 rev2 4-June-2010
- Quick fix for jar files (crash on Save)
- Fix for PAUSING (didn't work due to Assume no Aliasing turned on)

v1.05 4-June-2010
- Changed how program checks if file exists - fixes bug when path started with disk drive letter
[again proves that VB6 is stupid]
- Added debug mode (not fully complete yet but working ;)
- Fixed not working pause button
- Fixed bug when PNG is unsupported format - didn't delete backup file
- Added ability to pause work in PNGslim
- Added option to use PNGslim while optimizing zip
- Added Program Executables for PNGslim (and included in Download & Install module)
- Code optimization in Download & Install module
- Fixed bug when file opened was on other drive than program (sorry about that VB6
is stupid sometimes)

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