Friday, July 9, 2010

KrzYoptimize v1.07

All programs can be found here

This time it took a while... whew... Not really that much of work needed to be done to take this much of time, but I got somewhat busy with real life (no time to work on it at work - other project at work was priority, even though nobody asked me to do, I did it for myself for easier telephon numbers listing). There were also other projects running there like String2chr or NEW (not yet up) String to 6BH, this one is still in beta stage and works only on text-boxes, not real files although it would be capable to (not yet converting backwards but I already worked out all mathematic here).

Now let's get back to the thing I should be writing about.

What's in this version? Check the pricture, you can notice new List view that looks muuuuuuch nicer than old one. Anyway, list of changes:

- Changed how zipslim works:
* 7-zip now recompresses all files in normal method
* each file is now recompressed with 7-zip (mfb=258, pass=32) before K-zip
- Added ListView Box instead of plain ListBox:
* File - file path+name
* Size - uncompressed or unoptimized/original file size (incase of JPG/PNGslim)
* Compressed - compressed or optimized file size
* Ratio - Compression Ratio (compressed size/original size * 100%)
* S - State: D, P (D - Done, P - Processing
- Added ability to download/update program's CRC file
- Added CRC textboxes and CRC button - click to check if program CRC matches
- Added resize ability
- change to Total progress:
* don't update progress and label when restarting Random Huffman, just fix it to old value
(less computations and not going ahead of operation progress)
- Code organising

All programs can be found here

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