Sunday, July 25, 2010

KrzYoptimizer v1.14-pre

Update [15:45pm GMT+1]
- VB status bar converted to msctls_statusbar32. Wow! That even decreased file a bit. Show that VB control are unoptimized...

Update [12:10pm GMT+1]:
- I added Clear list and Delete selected items file submenus (respectivelly CTRL+L and SHIFT+DEL shortcuts). First one clears list. 2nd one deletes selected files simillary to previous DEL on listview. PLEASE NOTE! This is beta stage of deleteting items in list because there is database array that needs to be erased acordingly so PROBLEMS may appear (as far as i Debugged it worked fine). PLEASE TEST IT!

Testers needed! This version has migrated Visual Basic Listview to API call (user32) SysListView32. This features column rearranging, File database multiarray (previously listview was used as a database - malicious users could corrupt data in listview then making program work incorrectly).

There is a con to it for now: you can't delete items from Listview by pressing delete button (I most likely will work it out later ;)


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