Monday, July 26, 2010

KrzYoptimizer v1.14 is out to download

What this version is up to? As stated in post about v1.14-pre, I'm trying to convert a lot of things to direct WinAPI calls. That means creating windows/controls directly by calling Windows' DLL files. This saves some resources and makes program run faster because it will no longer need to read OCX (ActiveX) files that resides in memory and steal your precious system resources.

Controls that are already converted to WinAPI:
- Listview
- Statusbar
- Two progressbars

What needs to be done in order to release msctls:
- convert Options' Tabs
- convert Options' sliders

These two things mentioned will let the application unload (NOT load) msctls OCX and work a bit faster using less memory. I hope to ahieve it in next version ;)




rokko said...

I have one more error in newest version.

Help => About gives me Run-time error "13" Type mismatch and program ends ;)

Mr_KrzYch00 said...

Fixed in v1.15-pre I noticed it today by accident, forgot to convert version numbers to string (they need to be converted if they are displayed along with string ;)

Thanks anyway...