Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another day wasted for clicking =D

WARNING! Device mentioned in screenshot in this post is no longer working as I ran into a problem with factory defaults Fujitsu-Siemens' password (simply forgot it) on boot and bricked it while trying to restore backed up WM6.

Another day wasted for clicking. Even while bathing i couldn't get away from it =D

Of course it wasn't that bad! I found some time to play Ragnarok, also to create this blog - i don't know for what purpose as for now, but after some time i will put it to a good use.

Kolejny stracony dzien na klikanie. Nawet podczas kapieli nie moglem sie oderwac =D

Oczywiscie nie bylo tak zle! Znalazlo sie troche czasu na Ragnaroka, no i zalozenie tego bloga - na razie nie wiem do jakich celow ale z czasem go jakos wykorzystam.

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