Wednesday, February 24, 2016

KrzYVideoFixer & mf2t/t2mf (linux native & armv7, windows)

In the last few weeks I was playing with downloading some publically available video streams in order to upload them to Youtube for better awareness and easy of access. The one thing that bothered me the most was that Youtube converter was getting stuck at some of them (the common infinite 95% processing bug or processing restarting over and over again bug). I was trying to figure out what the heck is going on so I checked few vids but it was hard to pin-point the problem until I watched full video file. Then I discovered that video had small jumping occuring every some time that was caused by server-end keeping real timestamps while it couldn't process video on-time making the stream drop and causing still frames or time jumping ahead in video player (when You watch already downloaded stream, if You watch it in real-time from the internet it usually hangs for a while or looks like broken I-frame).

So I started analysing videos by fast-forwarding with MPC and using ffmpeg to split and merge all chunks together. It worked pretty well at the beginning until I got stuck with it at some video and was really not up to the task of watching ~8 hours material with full attention. 

After being disappointed with one of my vids that couldn't be processed by YT (and I really didn't want to process it myself just to deleted the file afterwards, worsen the quality even more or waste my time by it not being helpful at all), I started searching tha intarwebz and downloaded few programs that turned out to be shit (at least in my case, they may help for some, but they were all a waste of time for me). So I started digging into it by myself...

FFPROBE, some of You may heard about it, cool tool to scan video file and tell You stuff... well then, let's try reading frames... OH shit, 300MB of plain text file... That will take AGES to analyse and my eyes will most likely start bleeding after seeing it in notebad past first 10MB... but hey, there is a way around it... as I like automating stuff, let's try doing my best in this area.

So I opened notepad and started PHPing, vua la, a first automated script to get rid of bad video parts and YT accepted my video! A happy day!

But as I stared with C on my zopfli fork project and was quite successful with it to extend nice Deflate program functionality to even support ZIP files, I thought that I can try my best here too. Opened notepad and started rewritting PHP into C and then successfully GCCed it. Works perfectly! (at least in my sandbox!)

So I wanted to share this solution with You. It's available at
You can find there windows and linux (both x86 and armv7-odroid) builds.
Make sure to read readme.txt file and put ffmpeg and ffprobe in the same directory and run in from that directory (or to be accessed globally, like PATH variable on windows). I was thinking about adding switch to point ffmpeg/ffprobe dir manually but..... is that really needed??

The program is quite simple, takes ~500KB of RAM by itself, uses ffprobe to analyse stuff by itself and split damaged file to chunks then merge them together using ffmpeg. It DOES NOT convert anything. Stream copy is used all the way there, so it's pretty much the original stuff with few damaged parts being cut out of file. However, the output is always saved in MP4 format.

AVCONV WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED. Why? Because it doesn't want to work the way it needs to (avprobe is shit,,,,,, whoooops!!11!), just compile ffmpeg if You are using Ubuntu.

On the other note. I managed to successfully compile mf2t/t2mf (midi file to text / text to midi file) using modern gcc on windows and linux. In case You were searching for one, there is x86, x64 (both windows and linux) and armv7 (linux) versions there! As far as I tested, after some sourcecode fixes to properly compile with GCC and actually run as it should, it worked pretty well even with SYSEX data. However, it may have bugs because I'm not that sure if I managed to fix all the code that required fixes. I will maybe add some functionality to it at some point when I have time... I'm personally interested in a switch to always start from tick 0 by shifting all ticks so the resulting MID file starts RIGHT AWAY; a away to make file that is ending too fast to have bit more seconds at the end with a switch for it; aaand somehow to detect/apply proper start/end timings for midi to loop nicely (if it's enabled in, let's say, in_midi... caught... winamp) with a switch.

If You would want to reward me for my work, just process some file with kvf and read summary message or join and be interested in some deals there. :)

So suming it all... buuuuuuilds...
KrzYVideoFixer: (linux x86, armv7; windows x86)
MF2T/T2MF: (linux x64, x86, armv7; windows x64, x86)
                   check readme first!


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