Sunday, December 12, 2010 hosting - not really 24h/d, 7d/w

UPDATE: They fixed their domain system so I changed this post text a bit to be less critical. Nevertheless it took them almost 70h to fix it (because nobody was on weekend)!

Why? Why I'm not satisfied with their hosting?

Everything started at 12:01pm friday. I was at work, there was a big problem with our entrance system so I was testing various things to get it again working like it should. Meantime I was talking with person sitting at information desk. I asked her to go to and check out my redirecting system I worked hard on. She opened it, first time it worked but when site got refreshed IT WENT DOWN! "What the hell" I said. There is something wrong with it. I really got mad at that time, I asked like 20 people there to check it out but it suddenly stopped working!!! So what I did? Because of not enough time at work I couldn't send them notice about this problem till 4:30pm. Something happened after that? Nope! They claim to monitor sites 24h/7day but that's not really true. They work from 8am-4pm on weekdays only!!! Nobody to help you past those hours or during weekends.

This hosting is NOT FREE! I paid for it and what did I get? After a week broken access to my website (FTP, mysql, mails work), broken admin panel to change domain/server settings (there is a workaround for it if you remember your domain ID)! All systems are automated that what it looks like, NOBODY really monitors anything!

I even put an AD on 1 Cent Mail and because of it I'm losing my valuable visitors!

I moved my site to free webhosting,, for Sunday. Everything worked fine then. Now It's back at exone and I hope this problem never appears again or I'm really be mad then.

NO STATISTICS OR STORED URLS WERE LOST OR ALTERED! Everything is working as it was before 12:01pm Friday.

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