Wednesday, July 21, 2010

KrzYoptimizer v1.12.2

And yeah! Another 48h passed (Not rly 48h, I think that's 36-40h ;P) and there is another version up! This time some cool Conversions were added support for Extended local headers (!!!).

What does that mean? You can now easly convert first file found in ZIP file to GZ. So if for example ZIP archive contains 10 files and they are in myprograms\ directory and files are 1.exe ... 10.exe then first file found in ZIP data (not always first one when sorted by name), in this example it can be myprograms\1.exe will be converted to GZ as 1.exe - directories are excluded because they shouldn't exist in GZ anyway.
Extended local headers are sometimes used in JAR files (maybe in ZIP too). By default ZIP programs DON'T use them to compress data, because they increase file size by number of files*16 bytes and they store CRC, file size, compressed file size that can be stored as well in File local headers. This time you can easly convert those file by picking ExtPK->PK and vice versa - if you really want your file to contain Extended local headers you can pick PK->ExtPK options.

Quick fix to prevent Settings window from unloading from memory in revision 2.


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