Monday, June 21, 2010

7-ZIP, Lame and OptiPNG

Last week I did compile another 3 programs for Linux ARM to use on ZyXEL NSA-210, NSA-220 or D-Link DND-323 (or other, similar where fun_plug can be applied)

OptiPNG is very good to optimize PNG images or convert BMP, GIF etc to PNG. You can pick how many tries you want it to perform to optimize the image resulting in smaller filesize... It works quite fast on Marvell 500mhz!

You most likely know what 7-ZIP is? It's one of the best compression programs used nowadays. Actually you can use it to the fullest on PC with at least 2GB RAM. Here, on NSA-220 you may be limited by RAM this device has, only 128MB. So most likely maximum dictionary size would be 4MB in this case. Still, It can be very good for compressing to ZIP, it doesn't have as good algorithm as K-ZIP has but it's still enough to win against WinRAR's ZIP.

Last thing is Lame. It's a command line MP3 Encoder. It has very good psy filters so you get very good quality MP3 files even at standard, 128kbps bitrate. Unfortunately it's not very good idea to use it on ARM processor due to emulated floating point calculations, and this program uses it a lot. You will get very low speed here. On Marvell 500mhz you will need to wait (play_duration)*8, so if you have a track that has 3 min duration, you will need to wait 24 min for ZyXEL to get it to MP3 at default settings. It's a lot of time! But sure, If You leave it ON at night and, we know that, nobody uses it then You can compress whole CD then =D

Please NOTE! Running those tools on Network File Server will reduce file Reading/Writing speed to 0.5-1.5MB/s until the program finishes. It's due to the fact that it can't use its CPU for I/O operations.

Everything can be downloaded from:

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