Sunday, April 5, 2009

Surfing in the kitchen

INFO! The device still works (19th of July, 2015) but SDDs in it degradated so much it's mostly useless unless booted from external USB device. The original battery was replaced long time ago but extended Whitenergy battery is still ok, having 20% wear level. Though I don't use it much. Moved to 8 inches Windows 8.1 tablet that was 1/3th of this netbook's price and even with 1GB RAM it's working pretty awesome.

Everybody knows what laptop is. But do they know what netbook is?

Netbook is a small computer that you can put into your small bag (like 250x200) and carry it everywhere like people do with other notebooks. It's not as powerful as workstation or any other laptop but it's easier to carry and lasts longer on battery, providing quite fast internet access, document editing or ability to play some older games like GTA2, Traffic Giant etc.
It's something between pocket pc and laptop, doesn't have internat DVD (CD) though so it may be a bit of pain but you still can use virtual cd.

Most netbooks are based on 1.6ghz Atom processor and 1GB RAM. What does that mean?

That means it's not as powerful as Pentium M 1.6ghz (Atom doesn't support out of order commands), you can compare it with 1.1 or 1.2ghz one. But it does support Hyper Threading technology far better than Pentium 4 did (big plus for this - you can compress files and surf the net at the same time without much slowdowns!).

There are two versions of storage type used in netbooks!

Do you know what hard drive is? It's a storage drive with magnetic plates using mechanical parts to store all your files. It has nice, fast file access but may be easy damaged when you accidentally drop your netbook on the floor.
What's the other storage type? It's SSD, aka Solid State Drive. It's like a pendrive stored inside of your netbook providing slower reading/writing but takes less power and is almost immune to any vibrations... The bad news about it is that it has far less storage space and sometimes is slows down so much that your firefox hangs for 10-30 seconds (THAT'S REALLY BAD!).
"If I can't surf internet well then i would rather buy hard drive one since there is no other way around" atually there is, all you need is ramdrive: you need to install RAMDISK by lyh728 the same way like you install any other hardware in your windows XP.
You then run ramdisk.exe and set ramdrive letter and size, copy your firefox profile from your document and settings to ramdrive (or if you don't know where it is just leave it there, you will create new one), run "somedirectory\firefox.exe -P" w/o "" and create new profile, name it ramdrive profile or something else then point it to drive letter of your ramdrive (R: in my case), select that it's your default profile (unless you want to run firefox with -P switch everytime you want to use ramdrive one). Wait for web browser to open, close it, go to your ramdrive and pack it to rar or zip (or use ramdisk frontend and save image). Why? Because when you reboot your netbook it will get empty 'cause it's stored in your ram memory. Remember to decompress your rar file after reboot, if you don't firefox will blame you for having open firefox window you don't have =) That's it!

I will post more when i feel like it =P


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